Ronnie Wood

Ronnie Wood

Think fantastic music, and one man and his guitar in your living room, but that man being rock god, Ronnie Wood. Hear him on Absolute Classic Rock from 8pm on Fridays and from 10pm on Saturdays.

Ronnie delivers a playlist that comes straight from his heart, playing music that he loves and is passionate about, all accompanied by his uniquely fascinating stories, experiences and memories and using his trusted guitar to illustrate elements of the tunes played and to accompany him.

The Ronnie Wood Show offers a unique insight into both Ronnie Wood's music collection and his life as one record leads to another, which sparks off another memory and another tale to tell. Ronnie invites you into his life as every record he plays will comes with another story - a memory, a tale of debauchery or inspiration. Listeners can enjoy fantastic music mixed with entertaining stories from a rock and roll legend and throughout this compelling hour of music and nostalgia, Ronnie casually twangs, strumming and picking riffs on his acoustic and other guitars between tracks.

Nobody knows the direction which each show will take, but every week we get taken on a journey by a man who has been there and done that. From his life in the Jeff Beck Group, Faces, Birds and Rolling Stones, Ronnie Wood has got a lifetime of stories to tell and songs to play and we're delighted we're going to be able to do that here on Absolute Classic Rock.

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